The top 9 B2B successful marketing Trends for 2022

published on 13 February 2022

B2B marketing has evolved enormously in recent years and content has played a central role in this transformation. The last couple of years have been pretty tough for Business to Business and for the start-up world, as the pandemic has changed the landscape in unprecedented ways, although content marketing has kept many businesses afloat.

Physical sales will be eclipsed by digital sales by 2022, so preparing for online sales and investing in digital assets such as websites, content creation, and social media marketing is imperative. Based on this observation, here are nine digital marketing trends based on the last months of significant change, and challenges for the B2B industry.

Here are the top 9 B2B content marketing trends to consider for 2022:

1. Automation of B2B content creation 

2. responsibility

3. Customer loyalty

4. Mobile-first strategy

5. Micro-influencer marketing

6. Brand customization

7. Animated and short videos

8. Social Media Marketing

9. Content focused on customers

B2B Marketing strategy
B2B Marketing strategy

1. Automation of B2B content creation 

The intensive consumption of online content of all kinds has become a real challenge for content creators. Indeed Creating great content has become more complex and requires more intensive effort than before. In order to increase their presence, marketers need to use multiple channels to create content today, from blogs to social media, videos for platforms like YouTube and audio content for podcasts, the arena is getting bigger and bigger.

With so much content to create and distribute, content marketers have their hands full, which is why content marketing automation is becoming a huge opportunity. The content creation process and content generation are two critical areas that require automation. Many software tools now target this space to make life easier for content creators and teams.

2. Responsibility

Corporate values and brand credibility are becoming more and more relevant to audiences, as awareness of the social and cultural decline in different areas of business grows every day. Choosing a brand to do B2B business becomes more important when investment and transparent communication are involved. 

3. Customer loyalty

Retention marketing is not a new concept, but it's certainly gaining popularity in the B2B industry lately. The marketers have realized the importance of cross-selling and up-selling as competition in the industry increases every year. Customer retention will be at the heart of the business to business content marketing trends for 2022.

Maintaining customer relationships, retargeting existing customers with valuable content, and rewarding customer loyalty will be some of the key areas for marketing teams to work on. 

4. Mobile-first strategy

Mobile optimization is usually considered a B2C content marketing strategy, but more and more B2B brands are now adopting a mobile-first strategy as well. Especially after the pandemic, being accessible across all channels and devices has become imperative for businesses. According to some research, nearly 70% to 80% of Business to Business buyers prefer remote interactions and self-service options following the pandemic.

Thus, a mobile-first approach will be on the priority list of most B2B salespeople and marketers in 2022. This strategy is a trend that is likely to increase buyer engagement and lead reduction, helping B2B marketers and sales teams close deals faster.

5. Micro-influencer marketing

The B2B audience is limited if you compare it with the B2C audience. First, influencers' services are today very expensive, and second, they usually have a very diverse audience and that doesn't necessarily help with the kind of targeting that Business to Business companies need.

This is the reason why content marketing should collaborate with the micro-influencer and use their audience.

Micro-influencers have a small but highly targeted audience, and according to statistics, their campaigns generate 60% higher engagement and are 6.7 times more profitable than other campaigns.

Micro-influencers have a loyal following in their niche and represent for your access to a very specific audience in 2022. 

6. Brand customization

Brand personalization is another major trend for 2022 that, until now, was primarily viewed as a B2C strategy. Today, B2B content marketers are increasingly trying to create their own brand voice that resonates with their audience. Instead of treating customer interactions as business transactions, they are now trying to humanize them. The marketers identify the audience persona and try to figure out what kind of brand voice that persona would expect from the company.

 Every B2B company should have its own brand voice and personality, just like B2C brands. This awareness is starting to dawn on content marketers. So, creating awesome branded content is a 2022 B2B content marketing trend that you can't ignore.

7. Animated and short videos

In the last two years, content has evolved to short video formats, which, in addition to generating more engagement than static content, communicates essential and appealing messages to the target audience while making the user feel more connected to the brand. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are the ideal social platforms for this. Therefore, according to many researchers, the video will be the top investment area for B2B content marketing in 2022. But we already know that video content is all the rage. So how does this make it a new trend? The trend is not just to create marketing videos, but to focus more on short videos and animated videos for B2B marketing.

Short videos are effective for engaging B2C and B2B audiences. Animated videos are also extremely popular, particularly in complex industries like software. Videos that explain and demonstrate how to use a product make life easier for vendors and end-users. So, for marketers who still haven't finalized their video marketing strategy for the coming year, this B2B content marketing trend for 2022 will be crucial.

8.  SEO tool

 2022 is the year for businesses who haven’t prioritized SEO as a primary search engine optimization strategy to do so, with the objective of finding a balance between paid and organic reach. Google’s newest improvements, which incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning, pose a significant threat that should not be overlooked.

9. Content focused on customers

A customer-centric marketing approach focuses on customer needs and interests. Customers must always be the number one priority, using a combination of intuition, common sense, and solid data about customer psychology and behavior. This has always been a critical aspect of B2C marketing and is now finding its way into B2B as well. Understanding the psychology of B2B content marketing decision-makers, and users enables marketers to adopt a customer-centric marketing strategy. The focus moves from topic-based content to personality-based content that tries to meet the interests and needs of the target audience.

According to statistics, creating buyer personas helps companies generate higher quality leads, shorten their sales cycles, and exceed their lead and revenue goals. B2B content marketers realize this and take advantage of this opportunity by creating customer-focused content. 


B2B content marketing is set to see massive changes in 2022 due to the impact of the pandemic on the business landscape. Changes in user behavior and technological advancements will also bring about changes in marketing that all marketers must be prepared for. By knowing these B2B content marketing trends for 2022, you're prepared to outperform your competitors in your industry.

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