Surgical B2B Marketing & Growth Hacking

We hunt & nurture whales (high-level decision makers) and we do it in our very unique way


Who Are We

realmarketing team realmarketing team

realmarketing Is a subsidiary of realcommerce and part of the Yael Software Group. We are a Israeli growth hacking task force trained in lead generation and guerrilla marketing.

We work with startups and B2B companies which require surgical and smart marketing solutions to reach specific decision makers.

Combining intelligence methods with advanced tech marketing capabilities empowers us to provide unique solutions to unique organizations.

What We Do

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We build multi-step LinkedIn bots, but ones that are smart, effective, and nice to interact with
Email Outbound Campaigns

Email Outbound Campaigns

Email remains the marketing channel with the highest ROI. We Leverage GPT-3 AI to make it even better
mobile advertising

Hybrid Surgical Advertising

We use our targeting tools to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and other ad networks, with LinkedIn-like accuracy
Business Intelligence Mining screen

Business Intelligence Mining

Every well-oiled marketing machine runs on high quality data. We mine custom business intelligence and do in slice
B2B Content article

B2B Content Production

We produce professional content that is both highly accurate technically and has marketing effectiveness

Want To Know More?

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